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- March 4, 2018 -

Irma Hit Us Hard

Key Colony Beach Day March 4, 2018

image Although Hurricane IRMA was brutal to the Marathon-KCB area, KCB is cleaned up and ready for the 2017-2018 Season! I have sent out the first email to remind vendors that if they wish to keep their usual spot, then need to fill out the form on this website, and use the pay pal or send in a check, to hold their spot. After January 1st all spots not already secured are up for grabs. If someone wants your spot, you lose it if I don't have your application and check. A lot of you have changed your email, and the email I sent out was returned to me "user unknown". You can text me your new email and I will make the correction, and keep you in the loop. KCB Day is March 4th. We just signed up the last two FOOD COURT SPOTS so the FOOD COURT IS FILLED-